There is a man who runs a bookstore

Although I am a resident of New York State, my grandmother lives in Arizona in a town called Quartzsite.  I often go out west to visit my grandmother and see the beautiful sites Arizona has to offer.  I’ve driven all over the state and have fallen in love with the town she lives in along with all the others I have visited.  My interest and love for Arizona has grown so much that I have decided I would like to attend school in the beautiful state.  Although it is very far from my own state, it is where I want to be.  I wrote a short story describing what I love about the people and the places in my grandmother’s small town.  It’s entitled “Quartzsite”.  I believe it fully describes what I love about the state and the people I have encountered.

There is a small town in Arizona, 

That’s always hot and never humid. 

Where none of the roads are paved at all, 

Most don’t even have gravel. 

Where signs read “East No-name Street”,

And the closest high school is in the next state over. 

Everyone lives in a trailer, 

And the mayor has a double wide.

Behind a desk in the town hall office, 

Crumbs all over the floor, 

There is a middle-aged woman who is missing some teeth. 

She asks me what “Abercrombie” means as she points at my shirt. 

Pronouncing it completely wrong – 

Or maybe it just sounds that way, masked by a southwestern drawl. 

She brings her children to work – all three, 

Their drool stains her ‘business sweatshirt’, 

Next to crushed Cheetos and coffee from 3 days ago.

There is a fragile old woman over 70.

Who sits behind a desk at the Chamber of Commerce.

Her job consists of licking stamps for envelopes.

Everyone calls her Pee Wee, her husband’s name is Tiny. 

They live in a trailer that’s only 24 feet long, 

And when they’re on opposite ends –

One can’t hear what the other is saying.

There is a man who runs a bookstore.

He is over 50 and single.

He wears healing crystals around his neck.

He wears his long brown hair in a pony-tail.

He wears the same green woven poncho almost every day.

He wears at least 6 turquoise rings on each hand.

He wears a thong everywhere he goes.

The youngest woman in the town, 

Is in her late thirties. 

She has a belly button ring, 

It hangs out of her shirt along with her stomach, 

And sticks to her ‘playboy bunny’ skirt. 

She is over weight and her hair is bleach blonde- 

All but the two inches nearest her scalp.

I met her while she was shopping at the Dollar General, 

For work clothes and business wear.

There is an old sheriff in the small town.

He may be the nicest man I met. 

He wears a black cowboy hat and boots.

He bought himself a silver star, 

Just like the movies he grew up with.

He rarely comes out of the station – 

Except to buy more alcohol.

There is a beautiful woman, in her mid-forties.

She is Hispanic and has long dark hair. 

She could’ve been a model, or maybe a Flamenco dancer.

She sings beautiful Spanish serenades- 

When she’s not washing dishes in the Mexican restaurant, 

Or working the night shift at a nearby gas station,

For her 3 children who have no father. 

There is a small town in Arizona, 

And on the weekends they pan for gold. 

And no one ever finds any.